What is RORO shipping

Shipping is a great and impressive business. An ordinary person cannot even imagine how much energy, effort, and planning it takes to ship a given cargo to another country or even continent. All you have to do is to think about massive cargo freighters that you can see from time to time on television. However, that is only a small part of this business. There is also something that professionals call 'roro'. What is RORO shipping?

The first thing to do is to decipher the mysterious RORO phrase. It is an acronym and it stands for 'roll-on/roll-off'. The name comes from the fact that the ships equipped with this system are used to deliver goods on wheels such as cars, bikes, etc. Unlike in traditional lo-lo (lift on – lift off), where a crane is used to load crates on a ship, in RORO all you need is a ramp to load the cargo. So, now you know what is RORO shipping. Now, let us concentrate on its usage and advantages.

As it was already said, it is used to carry things on wheels. However, there are different sub-types of such transport. For example, you can have a normal cargo freighter that is used to deliver a batch of new cars from one continent to another, or you can have ferries and cruise ferries that will take both passengers and their cars to the place of destination. The first one is obviously used in logistics, the second one in tourism. When it comes to the advantages of using RORO instead of putting everything in crates and using lo-lo is obvious. Loading a car through a ramp is much cheaper, faster, and easier then using a crane to lift on a heavy crate on a ship. Moreover, if it is faster, it gets even cheaper because you have to pay to occupy a docking bay and the shorter your stay there, the less you have to pay for it.

You also probably know that the capacity of lo-lo ships is measured in metric tonnes. But did you know that the capacity of RORO vessels is measured in units called lanes in meter (LIMs)? This number tells you exactly 'how long' a cargo can fit its hulls.

After reading this article you should have a basic understanding of what is RORO shipping, what is its usage, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. In the world of logistics, this knowledge makes or breaks big companies.

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