Homecoming customs and traditions

The whole purpose of the homecoming tradition is to foster interactions between the former high school students (or, in other words, graduates,) and the current ones. This goal is achieved through various activities that are an inextricable part of the whole custom. If you aren't familiar with them and the homecoming is on the horizon, go through the following text. It sheds light on some of the most popular homecoming customs.

One of the most essential parts of this tradition is choosing the Court. In this part, the King and Queen are elected from all the students. However, in case you attend a unisex school (meaning that there are boys or girls only,) the matters differ a little. In the first case, the school community picks the King and his princes, while in the latter it appoints the Queen and the whole court composed of her assistants. Obviously, this is hugely symbolic and has hardly any meaning outside the homecoming context.

Since socializing is an important aspect of the homecoming, some of the events are exclusively devoted to any activities related to this. For instance, the whole tradition of the homecoming includes the part with bonfires, which seems to be a hugely informal meeting of the students and the alumni. There are no guidelines for this part of the celebrations and it might take various forms. It might take a form of a meeting, but it could also include some different fun activities, like a quasi-sporting event.

Well, having said the word 'sports' we should not forget that physical activities are a significant element of the whole tradition. Historically, a football game is a central part of the homecoming traditions, but it's actually up to the school community what activities take place during the celebrations.

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