A guide to wedding dress waistline styles

If you hope to open a fashion catalog or watch a fashion TV show in and see that one, particular dress that is going to make everyone stare at you with awe at your wedding, you are wrong. That is not the right attitude at all. Why is that? Many people forget that there is no such thing as the most beautiful and gorgeous dress. The fact that one person looks brilliantly in a given gown does not mean that another one will look good in it as well. What decides whether one look's great in a particular outfit is how well a dress matches the wearer's figure. That is the only thing that should guide you when looking for a dress - will it match my figure. Therefore, in order to be able to determine whether a dress will fit you or not you have to know some things about the types of waistlines.

The most traditional waistline, a natural one, is probably the first option you are going to think about. As the very name implies, in this design a waistline follows the natural one. It does not go either higher or lower. This choice is definitely the safest one you can choose. Almost everyone is going to look well wearing it. It is because a natural waistline neither emphasizes nor hides any of your features. That is why if that is the effect you want to achieve, or for some reason are not confident about your figure, wear a dress with a natural waistline. The only situation where wearing this type of design is not advisable is when one has a quite large spare tire because it will be clearly visible.

In this situation, it is better to choose a waistline that will shift the attention towards another body part. AN imperial waistline does exactly that. In this design, a waistline goes above the natural one and ends just beneath a bust line. The effect is that the emphasis is put on breasts and diverted from a belly. But that absolutely does not imply that you should not wear this design if you are a slim person. Basically, you want to wear an imperial dress for your wedding if you want to underline your bosom.

For those who want to divert the attention from breasts, a dropped waistline is a good choice. Oppositely to the imperial design, a dropped one has its waistline below the natural waist, making your torso appear to be longer. Smaller and tinier brides who wish to achieve that effect should, therefore, go for a wedding dress with a dropped waistline. However, if you are rather tall already then you probably should not wear it as it will make you appear to be a bit vertically stretched.

Now, that you know what makes or breaks your looks at a wedding you can start browsing through boutiques. Just remember to watch out for such seemingly small details as a type of a waistline because at the end of the day these elements will determine whether you will look good or bad at your own wedding.

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