Do anti-aging plans for those who want to live longer and enjoy life stronger really work

People have always been interested in prolonging and intensifying their lives, but the interest in immortality and defiance of aging processes is reaching new heights. One reason this happens is because advances in medicine and nutrition science make it possible to develop formulas that actually slow down the inevitability of the body and mind growing old. Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more reliable too – with methods that are less and less invasive and are accompanied by next to no side effects. If you can stop or turn the clock of time without breaking the budget or suffering other adverse consequences, why not go for it? Another thing is that, as some experts on the topic argue, a new caste of the super-rich is being born who have financial resources and lifestyle potential to devote to this goal. They want to live stronger and longer and the market is meeting their challenge with a vast array of solutions.

But do anti-aging plans really stand a chance of working in practice? Unsurprisingly, the cosmetics industry is positive about it. Some of their creams and serums have formulas which are proven to firm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, as well as nourishing deeper body cells, which is exactly how aging can be defied. But their opinion is marred by a commercial bias that anyone who attempts to sell you something is bound to exhibit towards his or her product. In order to persuade you their ideas work, they can go as far as to set up their own laboratories and certification facilities that support what they say. But beyond business, there are plenty of university researchers who are in the same camp, having amassed experiences with energetic 100-year-olds. Some of them are prone to conjuring up images of a pill you could take in your fifties and sixties when the aging process accelerates to stave off this disease, as they would like to class it.

If this is not science fiction, then at least this is something unattainable for ordinary mortals. The cutting edge of medicine, especially in such a commercially viable area, has got be reserved for the rich. So, what can normal people who want to live longer and healthier do?

Experts agree that it has to be a combination of factors that makes up a lifestyle which, on top of your genetics, would predispose you to literally defy old age and death, save for those cases when accidents shorten your life span. Apart from serums, creams and other formulas, you need to take care of your mental well-being, avoiding excessive stress but allowing intellectual stimulation, work out, but not too much and have a balanced, beneficial diet (including supplements like Vitamin D Levels, niacin or melatonin for sleep. If you put these elements together at the right time, there is nothing stopping you from living to be 100 and more. Human biological make-up has been designed to serve you this long, if you look after yourself.

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