Take care of your body when you don’t have the time

When your work week is nowhere to be over after forty hours, your chances at going to the gym, doing your yoga routine or taking off for a run are very slim. A regular workout is what helps keep you in good health, so if you don’t have the time to exercise, you need to take extra precautions in other areas of your life to not let your shape go bad. Since you spend majority of your waking hours at work, that’s where you need to take care of yourself the most.

You can’t help but work the hours you do, but you don’t have to let them have a bad influence over you. You need to train yourself to take care of your body and mind, and that will keep you in shape until the next time you can fit your regular exercises into your busy schedule.

Most people start their day at the office with a cup of coffee to wake up fully, and if you’re working some extra hours chances are you don’t stop at one cup. As enticing as it is, try to limit yourself to two cups a day, avoid any power drinks or sodas and instead switch to much energizing yet healthier green tea. It will help you get the job done while at the same time it will strengthen your system and let you avoid indigestion or sleep depravation that coffee can cause.

Eating right is also very important when you can’t get to the gym to burn out the calories. On the days that you won’t be exercising you should pay special attention to stay away from processed sugars, fats and unnecessary carbs. Take the time to step away from the time consuming project to eat a nutritious salad with grilled chicken, a tuna salad on pita bread or a filling soup. That way you’ll keep up the energy, you won’t be having ups and downs like you would with snack food, and you’ll keep the calorie intake in check.

Just because you can’t proceed with your regular workout doesn’t mean you should stay away from any exercises at all. Flex your muscles when sitting in a meeting, stretch your neck, arms and legs when at your desk; alternate between the keyboard, the mouse and the graphics tablet; schedule your day so that your time in front of computer gets interrupted by meetings with the team or phone conferences with the clients. And last but not least, let your eyes relax by closing them when you’re on the phone, looking in all directions and shifting focus from the computer screen to the tree outside your window and back.

You may think getting your job done is the most important thing, but you won’t be able to do much if you’re not healthy, so don’t let your body get to a point where you have to fix your back, eyes or wrists due to prolonged time at the desk, but rather take the time to care for yourself as you go. A quick stretch, a sort break to walk outside, a few minutes to make a tea won’t interfere with your tight work schedule, but can certainly help your body rejuvenate and keep you going as long as it’s necessary.

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