How to always have great fitting clothes

For some women finding clothes they like is easy, but it’s a completely different story with clothes that fit right. When you look at department stores and small boutiques, they are full of clothes hanging on the racks, folded on the shelves, all pretty and colorful, but when you start trying them on, it turns out that in a lot of cases the waist is too high, the sleeves are too tight, the fabric is itchy, you name it. How can you look good if you don’t feel good in these clothes?

It’s simple, you can’t. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you should lock yourself at home and start living your life online, or that you should only wear the tried and trusted clothes you already have in your closet. In fact, you have several options, and a chance to let your creativity come out either directly or as part of a team work. Just don’t let your frustration win and get snippy at the sales clerk, or don’t give up and buy clothes that don’t fit just to have it over with. Instead, forget the search for a perfect dress and think of it as a search for the best option in nowadays’ shopping world.

If you love the clothes you find in stores, but they need small adjustments, for example they are too long or too wide, but otherwise they’re what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to buy them. A lot of stores offer charge-free adjustments that are ready within hours, or a few days at the most. If you have the skills to make such adjustments yourself, or know somebody that can do them for you, that is also an option, as you probably won’t have to wait at all to have that dress taken in or shortened so you can wear it right away.

Sometimes it’s only those special occasion clothes that are impossible to find, like casual wedding dresses, first real job interview outfit, or something pretty and comfortable for your baby shower. Instead of running from one store to another, you may want to try a designer store where they make couture dresses that are adequate for different occasions. You’ll have input into the fabric, color and general look, and the staff will come up with a design that will get made on time after your approval.

Even though couture fashion changes its face and designers are more open to customers who don’t have six-zero-accounts, getting all your clothes custom made would get pretty pricey. A fun and creative way for you to regularly keep refreshing your wardrobe is to learn to sew. There are a lot of courses that teach basic skills, and once you get comfortable with the sewing machine and you find it interesting, you can take some design courses as well. There are websites and books with patterns that you can use, and with time you can create your own and maybe become one of those designers who dress women unable to find clothes in today’s stores.

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